Facebook Applications Can Now Generate 360 Degrees Photos

Facebook 360 Degrees Photos
Facebook does have support for 360 degree photo uploads on its services. It's just that the photo should be made separately from both third-party applications and cameras that have supported it.

Currently there is good news for the hobby streets and often upload photos 360 degrees. Because the Facebook application has a special camera that can take pictures of such wide format.

Facebook has released feature updates available for iOS and Android operating systems. Technically the process itself is similar to creating a panoramic photo.

To create a 360 degree photo on Facebook, the user just needs to shift the News Feed menu up and select the 360 Photo button. After that Facebook will display the camera interface.

To get the whole scene, the user must slide the phone to the right slowly. In addition, to keep the image sharp, try to keep the balance of the phone when shooting.

After you finish shooting the scene, select 'starting point' to upload it to the Facebook homepage. Besides being uploaded as usual, 360 degree photos can also be used for cover photos in profiles.

As for users who want to see these uploads simply manually shift with your finger, or move the phone to the right to see the whole scene.

For now new Facebook supports still image capture in the form of photos. While not yet known whether the social media service will also penetrate into the video 360 degrees.

360 degree video uploads can be created by using apps or other devices such as Samsung Gear 360.

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