Facebook Buy Artificial Intelligence Starts Ozlo Conversation

Facebook buys artificial intelligence startup (AI) conversations belonging to Charles Jolley, Ozlo. Jolley, who had previously been Head of the Android Platform on Facebook, will not return to the company. The Ozlo team is thought to join Facebook to tackle the challenges of natural language processing.

Ozlo launched with a consumer app in October 2016. Jolley said at that time the world of artificial intelligence conversations was rapidly consolidating and he was happy to run services independently of major technology giants.

With today's acquisition, Ozlo is no longer independent and the world of artificial intelligence conversations will grow more consolidated.

In March, Ozlo launched the API suite. One of the major differentiators of a company is the knowledge graph, which is a database of facts about the world's need to display multiple intelligences. Ozlo sells it to developers as a service.

The knowledge fund, in addition to the API, will end with this new acquisition, according to Facebook. The same will apply to available consumer bots.

"1.2 billion people worldwide use Messenger to connect with the people and businesses they care about," a Facebook spokeswoman said in a statement. "We are very excited to welcome Ozlo's team as we build an exciting experience in Messenger that is supported by artificial intelligence and learning machines."

It is not clear what the Ozlo team will do on Facebook. The knowledge graphic of Ozlo can find a new home as the backbone for Facebook Messenger.

A number of recent acquisitions by major technology companies have been aimed at increasing the scale of the information warehouse. Apple recently bought Lattice Data to help convert unstructured data into a knowledge graph that will provide answers relevant to user questions.

Facebook refused to reveal the value of the purchase of Ozlo. This startup was previously supported by AME Cloud Ventures and Greylock Partners.