Facebook Developing Android Device Specifically for Video Chat

Mark Zuckerberg
Talk about hardware, Facebook does not seem to be at the forefront even though its social network has been used by more than 2 billion users.

How not, the manufacturer Mark Zuckerberg is repeatedly trying to release the hardware but not actually sold to the public. Even so, Facebook did not give up so easily.

In Ubergizmo report, Facebook is reportedly working on a device that can facilitate video chat.

Bloomberg said in its report, the device to support video chat that has a touch screen that is big like a laptop screen. Meanwhile, Phone Arena reported, the device will run the Android OS.

In addition, the device is also supported by wide-angle smart camera technology that presents the video chat experience seemed to chat in one room. In fact, true video chat is done when two people are in different places.

Reportedly, at this time the unknown device has been present in the form of prototype and is being tested by a Facebook employee.

This device supposedly comes with a 15 inch wide screen and has support for video calls.

If reports about this video chat tool are correct, it will likely be introduced in Facebook F8 developer conference, 2018.

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