Facebook Page Spread of Fraudulent News is Forbidden to Advertise

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Facebook continues to fight against false news namely hoax. Yesterday the social media announced that the Facebook Page that has repeatedly shared articles marked fake by third-party organizations will not be able to advertise its pages to appear on the user's homepage.

It is hoped that hoax deployment can be limited, since advertising Page to Facebook is an easy way for content publishers to broadcast their content.

"We want people to know what's going on with friends, family and topics that interest them on Facebook, and fake news destroys user trust," says Rob Leathern, Facebook Product Manager.

"Basically, we are trying to eliminate the incentive to make false news."

This Facebook decision is their way to limit the development of Facebook Page that shares controversial fake news.

To popularize the page sometimes the owner or administrator of a Page to pay ads to Facebook. So fake news contained in the page will appear in the user's homepage.

Facebook invites third parties to work together to check the authenticity of news that appeared on its social media a few months after CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that the impact of false news is not too big on the results of the US presidential election in 2016.

But since then, Facebook has taken various steps to minimize the number of fake news on social networking.

Basically the new features of Facebook are divided into 3 functions, namely eliminating fake newsmaker economic incentives, create new features and help users to make intelligent decisions when viewing news in social media.

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