Facebook Patent List for AR Glasses?

AR Glasses
The patent documents filed by Oculus division that are part of Facebook reveal the social networking company is developing smart lens technologically Augmented Reality (AR).

Registration of the patent brings the waveguide screen with two-dimensional scanner and supported computer-generated elements that line the real world as a background.

This screen is thought to be on the bevel used for the glasses, in order to bring the media to the eyes of the user.

The explanation is considered Phone Arena as the definition of smart glasses AR technology.

The patented screen uses waveguide technology, allowing light waves to be guided through the lens. This screen will be able to display videos and pictures when the audio is handled by speakers or headphones.

Former Piper Jaffray technology analyst, Gene Muster, predicts Apple will launch his smart glasses of his work in 2019. Muster also predicts that these glasses will soon replace the iPhone-related popularity.

This span of time became the time predicted by the chief scientist Oculus, namely Michael Abrash. According to him, the popularity of new smart glasses will be able to beat the smartphone in 2022.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg called AR and Virtual Reality (VR) as the next big computing platform. This is similar to the opinion of Apple CEO, Tim Cook, although still more supportive of AR.

Zuckerberg also judge the smart glasses will replace the smartphone even PC. As a reminder Facebook acquired Oculus in 2014 with a value of US $ 2 billion.

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