Facebook Secretly Testing Balloon Applications in China

Mark Zuckerberg
In May, Facebook secretly launched a photo-sharing app called Colorful Baloons in China, where the social media is banned from operating, according to The New York Times report.

Colorful Balloons has the look and similar function of Moments from Facebook, allowing users to share photos with friends and family. According to The Verge report, in China, Colorful Balloons is not connected with Facebook but with WeChat, the largest social network in the country's bamboo curtain.

Facebook launched the application through a local company called Youge Internet Technology, without any sign that the application was made by Facebook. Apparently, the giant social media company also ensures that Colorful Ballons applications do not spread too widely.

China blocked Facebook in July 2009 and partially blocked WhatsApp in July. Since then, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been trying to incorporate his social networking into the country.

He has even met with government representatives and is rumored to be developing software for China that will help them ensure that the post does not appear in a particular area.

Times mentions, what is done by Facebook is something new and has never done before. This shows how hard the company's technology efforts to get into the Chinese market and get access to 700 million Internet users of the country.

To date, it remains unknown whether the Chinese government is aware of what Facebook is up to. The Cyber World Council of China did not respond to requests to comment from the Times.

The launch of this app does not seem to be a Facebook effort to enter the Chinese market secretly. According to the Times, Facebook is just trying to see how users in China share digital information with their friends and the way they interact in social media.

Meanwhile, in an official statement, Facebook said they were trying to understand the Chinese market deeper. "Our focus now is to help Chinese business and developers to do expeditions outside of China using our advertising platform," Facebook said.