Fall of Samsung Galaxy S5 Plane It's Not Broken

Samsung Galaxy S5
A Samsung Galaxy S5 is reportedly falling off the plane and miraculously, it is not broken when it lands on someone's home page.

Incidentally, this phone is also still recording this whole incident. When the phone was returned to the owner, Blake Henderson, the smartphone still keeps recordings when it falls. This 11-minute video is uploaded to YouTube by the nephew of phone owner Robert Ryan.

In this video you can see the view from the air for a few seconds when Henderson recorded a video from a plane from the plane, The Verge reported.

Then, the image becomes blurred mixture between blue and green when the phone is attracted by the pressure and falls from a height of one thousand feet or about 300 meters. All this is recorded within the first minute of the video.

For a few minutes later, the phone recorded the circumstances surrounding the grass and sky and the chat between two men with Kentucky accents. Around the 7:30 minute, the chatting men walked up to the phone and found it.


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