For US Military Security Prohibits Use of DJI Products

DJI Drone
The US military has just reportedly been asked to stop using products from DJI.

No half-hearted, all products produced by DJI are requested to no longer be used. According to Engadget, the reason for discontinuing the use of DJI products is because of the discovery of digital security holes that could potentially be exploited by others.

"Due to the discovery of a security hole in DJI-made products, the US military is ordered not to use the product, stop all usage, remove all DJI applications, remove all batteries and storage media, secure the device and wait for the next order" write US Army Research Laboratory In a warrant to various US military divisions.

The US military requests all devices from DJI to be discarded, from drones, cameras, radios, batteries, GPS, and so on.

This decision was said to be issued after the news about one of the UAV made by DJI was found hacked hackers able to take pictures directly from the camera is embedded in it.

Meanwhile, the DJI admitted surprised when hearing this news. They are disappointed because they have not received any announcement from the US military. They say it is open to dialogue on security issues in its products.

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