Galaxy S9 Will Be Modular Smartphone?

Galaxy S9
South Korean smartphone vendor, Samsung, has released Galaxy S8 in April 2017 with an innovative design called Infinity Display.

This design can be spelled out without bezel and managed to make the Galaxy S8 get positive reviews in various media technology.

After the success of the Galaxy S8, what is Samsung's next step to bring the successor is staying as Galaxy S9?

Galaxy S9 is believed to be a flagship smartphone Samsung S series that will be released next year.

Recently a rumor called Galaxy S9 will come with a modular design aka unloading pairs.

According to Blogger from Russia Murtazin (@eldarmurtazin), Galaxy S9 may come with a modular design that allows users to attach some accessories on their smartphone.

For example, batteries or cameras like Motorola's modular Moto Mods accessories.

Unfortunately, the blogger did not reveal more about this news.

Even so he calls, modular design is not necessarily presented on the Galaxy S9. That means it can be true and it may not.

Modular design is not only carried by Motorola, but also artificial smartphone Mr. Android Essential Phone 1 that presents designs without bezel and modular accessories.