Get to know James Wong Howe Today's Doodle

James Wong Howe
Google is celebrating the 118th anniversary of James Wong Howe today by presenting his picture as Doodle. Howe is a large Chinese-born cinematographer in the United States. The man who has made over 130 films is known as an expert in using shadows.

In the 1930s and 1940s, Howe was one of Hollywood's most sought-after cinematographers. She was nominated in the Academy Awards 10 times and managed to quit as the winner twice. Howe is considered one of the most influential cinematographers.

One of the reasons why Howe became so popular was because he used innovative film techniques, even though at that time, he also had to face racism. Howe himself was born in Guangzhou, China.

He moved to the US when he was 5 years old. Prior to working in the film industry, Howe had been a professional boxer when he was a teenager.

After that, he worked odd jobs before starting work in the film industry by delivering the film. One of the technical innovations he made was the use of black velvet to make the blue eyes look better. Howe gets the nickname "Low-Key" because he has a habit of using dramatic lighting and shadows.

In addition Howe also pioneered the use of wide-angle lenses, low-key lighting lighting and color lighting. He also quickly adopted the use of a crab dolly, a camera holder with 4 wheels and one hand supported camera support.

Despite his success in his career, Howe is not free from racism discrimination. He was only able to become a US citizen after the Chinese Exclusion Law was lifted. Not only that, his marriage to his wife, Sanora Babb was newly recognized by California in 1948. Before that, both went to Paris in 1937 to get married.

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