Google Can Know 119 Languages in the World

Google rolls out updates containing a number of improvements to its app, including voice typing features that support up to 30 languages and worldwide accents. This feature is available for Android version of Gboard, Voice Search and more.

With these updates, Google's voice recognition capabilities will support 119 different languages in various apps. Among the languages it adds, Google also mentions support for ancient languages like Georgian.

This update also supports a number of Indian languages, as well as the two most widely spoken languages on the African continent, namely Swahili and Amharic. Google uses the machine learning model when adding 30 variants of that language.

The use of the machine learning model means that the accuracy of the language in the Google app will be much better than before. According to Google, all new languages will soon be available across all applications and products, including Translate application.

However, in order to utilize the language, users are required to enable Voice Typing on keyboard applications. In addition, in the English version of the United States, users can also express things like "winky face emoji" to express themselves.

Google also mentioned, this specific feature will be available in support of more languages in the future. Meanwhile, Developer B-S-G has modified the Google Camera application so that all Android smartphones with Snapdragon 820, 821 and 835 processors are also equipped with HDR + feature.