Google Pay License Fee US $ 3.5 Billion To Samsung?

google company
Google is reportedly carrying out a license renewal update, and South Korean analysts expect this to be done in connection with a cost of up to $ 3.5 billion paid to Samsung to make its browser the default browser.

The Google search bar can be found in the middle of the Samsung Galaxy S8 home screen and the three billion units of Samsung phones available in the market.

Google hopes to recoup its investment using advertising earnings from browsing and search share apps mounted on Samsung phones, which is rated to be the best scenario.

The total cost of such licenses attests to the importance of mobile ad revenue and searches from mobile, and has occurred in a short period of time. Latest information says Google may pay less than US $ 3 billion to Apple to keep its search tool on iPhone and iPad.

This amount is reportedly three times higher than the amount paid by Google in 2014, to renew licensing agreements with Apple. Samsung is reportedly reviewing the outcome of the negotiations and is expected to seek to increase the number of deals.

Samsung sells more devices when compared to other smartphone manufacturers. This is assessed to determine the revenue of advertising obtained by Google, by presenting its search engine as the default engine on Samsung devices.

Facts related to the revenue contribution are judged to affect the value of Samsung and Google deals, and the $ 3.5 billion license fee will be the value of the deal he will acquire this year.

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