Google Pixel 2 Bring HTC U11's Standing Features

Google Pixel 2
Google Pixel 2 is said to be present in two variants, standard and large. Well, the maker, the HTC reportedly will bring the mainstay feature that is in HTC U11.

Information about Pixel 2 is revealed from the list of phones that go to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). HTC itself has previously been the company appointed to make Pixel and Pixel XL.

For second generation Pixels, it looks like the big version will be made by LG, though both will have the same design style, the rear casing is made of a combination of metal and glass. While HTC gets the standard version.

These two variants are called having different fronts. This is because Pixel 2 XL will use the current style of the phone, with a thin bezel and a screen that has a 2: 1 aspect ratio. While Pixel 2 still use the screen with a large bezel, but now equipped with two front speakers.

From the FCC registration page is also revealed that HTC will bring the U11 whiz feature to Pixel 2. The feature in question is none other than the edges of mobile phones that can be squeezed for additional controls. By HTC this feature is named Active Edge.

From the existing screenshots, squeezing the phone can be used to activate Google Assistant. From the screenshot is also seen that Pixel 2 will run Android 8.0.1 with security patch in August.

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