Google Search Now Show Video Preview

 Google Search
Google announced an update for search applications on mobile devices supported by its work platform. The update comes with the ability to display video previews on Android devices when a user searches.

New features are available starting August 18 last, on Google applications Android and Chrome version on Android. The Android preview will appear in carousel format, similar to the piece of text that appears when the user searches for text.

As Google said, this video preview will only play its content when the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network. However, in order to enjoy the preview functionality on the mobile data network, users need to enable it via the Google app settings menu or settings in the Chrome Chrome browser.

Having started scrolling through the update, this new feature will be available on the device and can be enjoyed by more and more users starting next week.

Meanwhile, previously, Google is also reportedly testing a new search application that is claimed to be lighter, called the Search Test App name.

Google is also renewing a number of licenses, estimated by South Korean analysts related to the $ 3.5 billion paid to Samsung to make its browser the default browser.

Not just search engines, Google is currently reportedly developing a number of projects including Google Brain, which is also supported and developed by one of Apple's programming language creators, Swift, and former VP of Autopilot Software Tesla, Chris Lattner. 

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