Google Set up Chromebook Pixel

Chromebook Pixel
After introducing Android Oreo, Google still has another surprise for its customers that will be presented in the second half of 2017. Google is expected to launch two new Pixel smartphones in October.

There is currently no information related to the exact time of the launch of the Google device, but is expected to occur in mid-autumn.

For the realm of smartphone hardware is not the only device that will be launched by Google.

The latest report claims the Mountain View-based company is preparing another device to serve on the market.

The latest information says Google plans to launch a new Chromebook Pixel device.

In addition to the new Chromebook Pixel, Google is also expected to launch Google Home with a smaller size.

Both devices will be introduced simultaneously with the new Pixel smartphone at a hardware event that is predicted to be held in October.

No detailed information is yet available regarding these two devices, but the so-called smaller Google Home will be marketed at a slightly more affordable price when compared to the version currently available in the market.

In addition, information circulating on the internet called the new Chromebook Pixel is predicted to be marketed at a price of US $ 799.

Information related to the price is outstanding before Google's latest plan, so it still can not be ascertained the truth.

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