Google Stamp Feature Story from Google will be Released soon

Google LOGO
Google is ready to join the story feature market by giving birth to Google Stamp. This feature will consist of a screen that can be shifted, photos, and videos that can be added text.
Stamp, as reported by the GSM Arena news page, seems to be like the Snapchat's Discover, Instagram-like Instagram, and WhatsApp's Video Status.

The Washington Post news page says that this feature will be embedded on Google search pages for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology. Stamp will be shortened to "St".
Surely it will be interesting than the competitors who have to install a special application. Therefore, the AMP format, which was originally intended for mobile device consumers, technically also can work on the desktop.

Not only that, Google has even discussed with several news agencies, such as CNN, Time, The Washington Post, and Vox Media, to provide Stamp prime content. And, this feature is rumored to be gliding in the near future.

"It is expected to appear at the beginning of next week," wrote GSM Arena.

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