Hacker Hold the Secret Data Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones
One of the annoying things is that people tell the story of the movie before we watch it. Typically, this is called a spoiler.
Spoiler becomes a problem because it can damage our curiosity and expectations. Now, imagine if a bunch of hackers managed to steal a script and leak the story of a movie that has not been released yet.

This happens to one of the most successful series of films, Game of Thrones. This is revealed through anonymous emails sent to entertainment journalists. No kidding, estimated data of 1.5 Terabyte (TB) hacked.

Alan Silberberg, cybersecurity watchdog from Digijaks, said that an attack of this magnitude needs planning and big business. He added, HBO need to see how to process and send data.
Not only Game of Thrones, previously Sony had missed hundreds of terabyte data. In April 2017, Netflix received threats from hackers who will be releasing new episodes of Orange Is the New Black.
Andrew Wallenstein, editor-in-chief of the Variety website said that HBO and other companies should improve security because hackers will try harder. This needs to be considered because it will affect the company's revenue.