HBO Breaker Start Requesting Ransom

Game of Thrones
The reported HBO hacking action happened last week is now entering a new phase. After having leaked a number of new episodes of HBO-made series, now the hackers were asked to ransom the company.

Quoted from CNET, the ransom request was made via a video message sent to HBO CEO Richard Plepler. But no mention of the ransom demanded by the hackers.

Although not yet confirmed the truth, recently the video message was leaked on the internet. In addition to requesting a ransom, the hacker who claimed to be named 'Mr. Smith 'is said initially quite difficult to penetrate the HBO network.

"We have successfully penetrated into your network ... HBO is a very difficult target to be penetrated but we managed the effort took six months," said the hacker told Plepler.

Through the video, hackers uncover the motive of the action is not political or economic. They do the data theft because they like this kind of action. Hackers also claimed HBO was their seventeenth victim.

For information, this hacking action is said to have managed to steal 1.5TB of HBO's digital content. The content covers all episodes of the Baller series including the brand-new HBO series Room 101.

Not only that, some script episodes Game of Thrones series also successfully stolen. HBO itself claimed to still continue to investigate forensics related to this case and mentioned there was no leakage of their email system.

HBO is not the only television company ever to be a victim of content theft. In May, one of Netflix's 'Orange is the New Black' series, stolen and held hostage by a hacker named TheDarkOverlord.

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