HBO Offers US $ 250,000 for Hackers?

Hacker HBO back acting. About a week ago, a hacker leaked scenarios for episode 4 of the latest Game of Thrones season and leaked personal phone numbers from the TV series actors and actresses.

Now, he's leaking an email from HBO executives. In the email, HBO offered US $ 250,000 to the hacker as part of their bug search program. The bug search program usually has a reward of money for the good hackers who tell the company about the weaknesses in the system.

However, hackers who attack the HBO actually take advantage of existing gaps to attack HBO. HBO's decision to offer a gift to the hacker is considered strange. However, the source of The Next Web who is familiar with this kind of problem says the HBO's move is aimed at buying time so HBO has time to review the losses caused by the hacker.

However, it is also suspected that HBO is offering some money to the hacker to make sure he does not make any worse messes, as happened to Sony, since the HBO's offer is more like a ransom than a reward.

The amount offered by HBO is still lower than the hacker's demand, which charges a salary of 6 months and claims he earns US $ 12-15 million per year. HBO declined to comment.

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