How does the best cell phone monitoring software help in employee management?

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In the contemporary times, all businesses require technology. Business techniques have evolved with time to survive through the turbulent times. Since workforce is a major part of an organization, employee management plays a pivotal role in development of a firm. That is why it is known as Human Resource. As investing in the right staff can multiply a firm’s profits.

Earlier, employee performance was assessed using appraisal forms that took a long enough time to evaluate their individual role in contributing to a company. It was indeed daunting for managers to determine productive employees. However, in the current techno-digital era, there are monitoring tools at workplaces that enable employers to quickly assess the work environment, even when they are not around.

Most of the firms provide cell phones to their employees to be able to connect with them for work. These phones can enable them track the employee activities. An employee can either mar or positively contribute towards work productivity so monitoring employee performance during the work time as well as after work allow the employers to safeguard their company’s interests.

Inevitability of monitoring at workplace

Mass proliferation of cell phones has caused people to remain hooked to their phones day and night. Whether at home, work, or among friends, people are seen navigating different apps on their phones. This often affect the work productivity at offices. Yet, the emergence of monitoring apps has made it possible for the bosses to track every activity of the employees using their cell phone data.

Advancement of technology has led employees to seek out inventive ways for data theft, corporate espionage, etc. The complex structure of an organization makes it difficult to determine the suspect which results in heft losses suffered by the firm. Therefore, most employers resort to a hands-on approach for monitoring, that is, cell phone monitoring.

The best cell phone monitoring software is one that brings the power back to the employees. It has the ability to hack employee cellphones whether iOS or Android. It extracts the employee information in an intuitive style and ensures user convenience. The main aim of such an app is to monitor and report target activities undetectably, running quietly in the background of the target device.

Most cell phone monitoring apps are a cinch to install and set-up. They offer services like free trial or live demo that allow the users to walk through the installation process. though physical access of the employee phone is required for app installation, it takes around 3-5 minutes for the app to launch in the target phone. A web-based control panel in the monitoring software allows transfer of data from the employee phone to the user device from where the information can be attained at any place and time.

Enabling better employee management

A survey conducted by American Management Association (AMA) revealed that around two-third of businesses today monitor the internet use of their employees, be it on cellphones, laptops or PCs. It is also surprising that misuse of cellphone is increasingly done in firms today which lead the employers to install monitoring apps in the employee phones to ensure quality control at work.

Most employees waste valuable company time by being involved in their phones. They frequently chat with friends and family during the work hours which often distracts them from work. They might also be sending some confidential company information to the company rivals in exchange of monetary benefits. To catch the employees red-handed in the act, employers use the best cell phone monitoring software that allows them to read all the message and email correspondence of the employees. Apart from the text messages, employers can look over the IM chat platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, etc. which are commonly used by employees because of their encryption and enhanced user privacy.

Moreover, keeping tabs of employee whereabouts using GPS tracking, both during and after the office hours depict a lot about their routine. Through geo-fencing, an employer can create a virtual barricade over the employees by marking some unapproved place like rival companies. If an employee visits a rival company, the employer will receive instant alerts on his phone.

From observing call logs to listening to phonic conversations of employees to ensuring online surveillance, a monitoring software provides diverse opportunities to the bosses to ensure effective employee management.