HTC Consider Selling Vive VR Business

HTC Business
HTC is still one of the best Android device manufacturers. But HTC reportedly has the potential to sell its Vive VR hardware business, which is the most successful and most valuable part of the company.

The consideration is a continuation of the steps taken by HTC last year, when business control Vive given to its subsidiaries.

HTC is also considering selling the company as a whole, including the smartphone and VR business even though it is considered less suitable for a single buyer.

Until now, there has not been any information related to potential buyers or the terms of the offer. Considerations to sell his business also indicate the difficulties experienced by Taiwanese technology companies to remain able to survive in the industry.

Nevertheless HTC suffered good fortune in the realm of smartphones in recent years related to the quality of the products it presents.

HTC 10 released in 2016 and U11 released this year is the best mobile phone manufactured by HTC in recent years and became a device that is often recommended by various sites.

HTC is also the producer behind Google's first Pixel phone, supporting the credibility that the brand brings.

Having a number of good quality devices in fact has not been able to make the HTC name for Samsung and Apple, resulting in difficulties related to income and finance.

The consideration to sell Vive VR business as the only HTC share that generates revenue for the company is doubtful to help HTC to survive in the long term.

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