Iceland Trying Between Drones

Iceland is trying to use drones to deliver the goods. Israeli logistics drill company Flytrex is working with AHA, the Icelandic marketplace, to create a drone delivery route in Reykjavik.

Flytrex does not create drones. In recent years, they have focused on other aspects to realize delivery using drones, such as building collaboration with local regulators in Iceland.

The regulator is the Icelandic Transport Agency or Icetra, training the workers and most importantly building a cloud-based network as a drone delivery system.

Given the delivery of goods with this drone still in the experimental stage, there is only one route available, at least for now. In addition, only one drone is used, the DJI Matriec 600 has been modified.

The hexacopter drone is used to deliver food and other products through the North Atlantic Ocean, which usually should be played. That way the delivery which usually takes more than half an hour will only take a few minutes.

Flytrex modifies Matrice and adds a cargo compartment. The drone can lift goods up to 3 kilograms along 10 kilometers. This distance is not far, but the system is compatible with the AHA which usually delivers food like sushi, hamburger and beer.