Intel Coffee Lake Not Compatible with Kaby Lake Motherboards?

Intel Coffee Lake
The news is quite disappointing coming from Intel recently. The 8th generation Intel Core or Coffee Lake processor that is rumored to be released in the near future is unlikely to be compatible with the current 200 series Kaby Lake motherboards.

It has just been revealed by ASRock motherboard manufacturer. Through its official Twitter account, ASRock says the Coffee Lake processor will not be compatible with Kaby Lake motherboards.

According to PC GAMER, the statement came after one of the Twitter users named Evan Jensen asked if Coffe Lake could run on the ASRock Z270 Supercarrier motherboard.

In response, ASRock said Coffee Lake will not be compatible with the 200 series motherboards. Unfortunately, ASRock's response seems to have been removed.

However, TomsHardware claims to get similar information from one of the ASRock representatives. He said the line of Coffee Lake processors will not be used on existing Intel motherboards.

It is indeed a big question, whether Intel will use a new CPU socket for Coffee Lake? It is still unconfirmed to date, and Intel still has not spoken about the rumors of the outstanding Coffee Shop processors.

It is also possible that ASRock got the wrong information about Coffee Lake, so before Intel spoke this information was still a rumor.

This rumor is enough to make Intel more cornered because its competitors, namely AMD, has a ranks of Ryzen processor with AM4 platform that is claimed will not change socket at least until 2020.

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