iPhone 8 Capable of Recording Video 4K 60fps

iPhone 8
As it approaches September as it is today, leaks on iPhone devices will be increasingly in circulation, especially their latest iPhone 8 device.

The most interesting leaks to look at is the leak that comes from Apple's HomePod firmware update.

Reported by GSM Arena, the latest leak was found by iHelp which shows that the main camera of the iPhone 8 will be able to record video with 4K resolution at 60fps or frame per second.

From the firmware update, this HomePod found a code that says [CAMCaptureCapabilities isBack4k60VideoSupported].

There is another identical code section that says Front as a Back substitute, which gives the impression that the front camera may be able to record video with the same resolution and frame rate as the rear camera.

When iOS 9 comes out, there is a code that is not found mentioning the front camera will get a panorama feature, 1080p @ 240fps slow mo, and flash. Only one of those things eventually happens, and that is the flash light on the front camera using the software.

Will be very sophisticated if the front camera of iPhone 8 can record video with 4K resolution at 60fps. However, it looks like Apple will wait at least a few years after the main camera gets the same features before putting it on the front camera. Apple probably will not give its customers all these features at once.

If so, then Apple will release the first smartphone capable of 4K video at 60 fps. However, the Apple High Sierra update for MacOS brings support for H.264 standard routers called HEVC (H.265). This new format requires about 40% less storage than H.264.

Anyway, 4K at 60 fps is a good move that Apple can make on the iPhone 8. It can make the iPhone back on top in the photogrofi sector on camera phones competing with other excellent smartphone cameras like HTC U11, Google Pixel, Galaxy S8, Until the Galaxy Note 8 which is soon rumored to be out.  

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