It Changes A Lot on iOS 11 Beta 6

iOS 11 Beta 6
Apple is scheduled to release iOS 11 in September. Prior to that, Apple released iOS 11 Beta to developers and users. The goal is none other than to receive input related to the new OS.

Recently, Apple just released iOS 11 Developer Beta 6 and Public Beta 5. This version presents a number of changes from the previous Beta version.

One of the most striking changes is the Maps application icon, Apps Store, and Reminder with the format list on the left.

In addition, if the usual "Auto Brightness" is in the "Display & Brightness" menu, now the settings move to "Accessibility".

In this version also, live wallpaper pictorial betta fish removed. There has been no official statement from Apple regarding the loss of live wallpaper.

According to Chris Smith of 9to5mac, this is done to maximize the 3D Touch feature. If live wallpaper still exists, the 3D Touch will not run perfectly.

Not only that, if you do the pairing process between iPhone and AirPods, there is a new animation. The "Now Playing Airplay" indicator will change color to blue when running.

As for, iOS 11 beta version is still temporary and can change. Apple could have established new iconic and feature changes, or did not change them at all.

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