Kaspersky Pulls Demands Against Microsoft

Kaspersky Lab said it would withdraw the antitrust protests they made in Europe against Microsoft after the technology company from the United States agreed to change the way they released security updates to Windows users.

Reuters reported, the two companies simultaneously announced this decision after a legal fight that has lasted for almost 1 year. Kaspersky accused Microsoft of unfairly complicating the use of security software made by third party companies in Windows 10.

In June, Kaspersky Lab accused Microsoft of abusing its power as a market leader in the computer industry to hurt the business of antivirus providers by the way it distributes its own antivirus software, Windows Defender, in Windows 10.

At that time, Kaspersky Lab founder Eugene Kaspersky said that Microsoft had disabled Kaspersky's antivirus software when users installed Windows 10, forcing them to use Defender, which Kaspersky says is a product of inferior quality.

Microsoft denied that they had violated antitrust-related rules and said that their goal is to protect Windows 10 users from cyber threats.

Microsoft said that they will work closer together with antivirus vendors before the software update will be launched with the goal of minimizing compatibility issues.

The Redmond-based company said it would also allow antivirus providers to launch their own notifications and warnings to customers before and after the user's antivirus software subscription period runs out. In addition, they will also give vendors more exact certainty related to their release release schedule.

In an official statement, Kaspersky said, Microsoft's approach has solved the problems they raised to the Federal Antimonopoly of Russia and said they would take "all necessary steps" to withdraw the demands they made to the European Commission and the German national competition regulator.

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