LG Will Make OLED Screen for iPhone 2018

iPhone 8
Industry sources say that Apple may be moving to OLED for iPhone phones forever. For that, Apple is rumored to be looking for an alternative to diversify, by making LG as an alternative supply of OLED screens, in addition to Samsung.
Apple is said to have made a payment of no less than US $ 2.7 billion as a down payment to secure a dedicated production line entirely for the iPhone screen starting in 2018.

A well-known Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, confirmed that Apple is indeed working with LG to supply OLED panels, and is done faster.

"The team from Cupertino seems committed to making LG Display ready for OLED iPhone screen business in 2018," Kuo said as reported Phonearena, Monday, July 31, 2017. He explained that LG Display does not have as experienced as Samsung related OLED.
"Samsung is now the only iPhone OLED panel supplier for Apple and manufacturing for back-end processes. We think LGD (LG Display) can institutionalize the same production model. However, given its strength in the front-end process, collaborating with specialized back-end process providers such as GIS, in our view, will significantly increase the output level of iPhone OLED panels, "Kuo said.
Apple is said to have secured at least 45,000 units of glass for the 6.5 generation OLED panel from LG, which can be cut into quite a lot of iPhone screens.