MacBook Air This is Made from Lego

MacBook Air
One of the students from the University of Tokyo, Japan, made something unusual. He made the Macbook Air only by using Lego. The result is amazing because it looks very much like the original Macbook Air.

Macbook Air Lego features webcam features, trackpad, and USB port. This detail makes it look real. At a glance, maybe we can not tell the difference.

This work was first uploaded on Twitter with the account name @ 877dance. He is a member of the Student Activity Unit on his campus. MacBook Air Lego is also getting a lot of positive comments from the citizen.

"At first glance, I think the MacBook Air is real," chirps one of the citizens. "Please sell this at the Apple Store," said another citizen.

"In fact, I think the MacBook Air is broken because the screen is split in two," said another user.

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