Marketing Campaign Leak Image LG V30

LG V30
A recent LG marketing material video submission featured an unprecedented device as the LG V30, which is likely to be announced on August 31st. Droid Life became the first to see the phone, as quoted by The Verge.
The film is the result of collaboration LG and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. LG has appointed Joseph Gordon-Levitt to be the organizer of an annual creative competition that often involves participants who make movies with LG phones.

This year's competition ends on July 31, and the results are shown yesterday. The image matches the phone's leaked outline from the user manual last week. The image shows the camera's dual camera, as seen in V20, and the fingerprint sensor behind it.

The main distinguishing factor between this new phone and its predecessor is the OLED screen, which is opposite to the LCD on the previous phone. The picture shows a rounded corner and a smaller edge.
LG has confirmed that its flagship mobile phone, supposedly the LG V30, will be the first to apply a plastic OLED display with FullVision display. FullVision display has started with LG G6 and continues to LG Q6. LG also indicates this latest mobile phone has a screen spanning 6 inches.

In addition to the benefits of the visual impression and slim profile of the FullVision display, the use of OLED is called ideal for Virtual Reality applications which is one of the key growth factors in the mobile industry.
LG is the last time to use OLED on LG G Flex 2 which became its premium smartphone in 2015. The decision to re-use this OLED screen on the LG V30 at once marks the move LG expands its leadership in OLED panels, from previously only applied to premium TV extends to mobile Premium.