Microsoft Promises Inconsistent Customers Download Windows Update Again

Microsoft company
Windows 10 is considered to have better performance than its predecessors Windows 8 and 8.1. But the way Microsoft encourages its users to do the upgrade to make a lot of people upset. Now Microsoft promises not to do the same thing again. This promise they make in court.

Not long after Windows 10 was launched, Windows users realized that their computer started downloading Windows 10 files without asking for their permission.

Does not stop there when the notification appears that makes a lot of users start the upgrade process to Windows 10 without realizing it.

Microsoft has apologized for this, claiming that they are indeed outrageous. They mentioned having learned a lot from the
incident that arose due to the aggressive strategy they used. Microsoft Germany instead took a more extreme step.

In response to claims from consumer protection groups, Microsoft Germany pledged no longer to force customers to download files to upgrade the operating system secretly. This Microsoft statement is regarded as a victory for consumer rights.