Microsoft Says Number of Cyber Attacks Increased 300%

Cyber Attacks
Microsoft researchers detected increased attacks on user accounts to reach 300 percent over the past year. In addition there is also an increase in access trials from malicious IP addresses by 44 percent.

The data is reported by Microsoft in its latest Security Intelligence Report (SIR) report, combined with data sets during the first quarter of 2017.

The report discusses vulnerabilities, exploits, malware, and unwanted software.

The supporting intelligence of the report comes from billions of security signals Microsoft processes on consumer and enterprise services each month. The report also represents a number of changes from the general SIR.

The Dark Readings website also reports that the data collected by Microsoft's intelligence system are split into two categories, namely cloud and endpoint, as well as representing a one-quarter financial timeframe and compared to windows for six months in general. Microsoft called plans to share data on a regular basis.

In the 300 per cent increase in user accounts, most problems are found due to weak and predictable password usage, targeted fraud attacks and third-party violations.

The more sites that commit password violations and theft, the more attackers will be more aggressive in trying to reuse victim's secret information on various sites.

Business is judged to reduce risk by informing users to use complex passwords, multi-factor authentication and solutions for confidential data protection and risk-based conditional access.

Meanwhile, an increase of 44 percent related to trial access from malicious IP addresses could be mitigated by a security policy focused on conditional access based on risk.

Researchers also advise consumers to compare requests from IP addresses of devices to find out IP addresses and reliable devices.

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