Microsoft Stop Selling Xbox One

Microsoft company
Microsoft is no longer selling the original Xbox One in the United States. The giant software company now only offers Xbox One S and One Xbox One X in their online store. Only recycled versions of the original Xbox One priced US $ 199 are available.

Although Xbox One can not be found at Microsoft online stores in the US, online stores in the UK say that the console is already sold out. Xbox One was first launched nearly 4 years ago at a price of US $ 100 more than the Sony PlayStation 4.

This price difference is one cause Sony can lead in the console market with its PlayStation 4. Microsoft lowered the price of Xbox One by not packing the Kinect sensor. This they did 6 months after the launch of the console.

Although sales of Xbox One can not match the sales of PS4, Microsoft has re-focused its attention to providing better games and consoles.

Last year, Microsoft launched the Xbox One S. In addition, they have also stopped the production of Xbox 360. Now, Microsoft focus to provide Xbox One S as a beginner console and Xbox One X for hardcore gamers.