Moto Z2 Force Experience Jelly Effect Problem

Moto Z2 Force
Less than a month since its launch in the United States, a number of users who have had the opportunity to buy Motorola Moto Z2 Force Edition complained about the jelly effect, previously found on OnePlus 5.

According to Phone Arena, either Lenovo or OnePlus has not provided an official explanation regarding the behavior that is rated problematic on the screen of the device when scrolled. Most users believe that this jelly effect is caused by inverting phone installs.

However, Lenovo and OnePlus are believed to have tested their product before marketing it in the market, so it is expected that the problem will be experienced only by a small number of units of work of both companies from China.

This is not the first time a Motorola smartphone has been launched with an inverted reversed screen condition. But this is the first time consumers realize and complain about the screen related issues.

Screen-mounting conditions in reverse, allows device manufacturers to install the phone in the inner chassis of the phone better. Regardless of the issues related to the jelly effect, both Mto Z2 Force and OnePlus 5 are rated as devices with good performance.

The circulation of information related to the jelly effect is assessed to help prospective buyers of this smart phone to find out the problems faced by these devices, whether small or large, for better consideration.