Motorola Patented Screen Technology That Can Fix Itself

Motorola Patented Screen
Can not be denied all smartphone users definitely do not want the device damaged. But unexpected things can happen and result in your smartphone or tablet being damaged.

One of the most disturbing damage is when the smartphone screen broke out on the floor or scratched.

Although already has a screen technology called ShatterShield, Motorola is actually developing and recently patented the latest display technology.

Through this latest technology smartphone or tablet screen can fix itself when scratched or cracked.

Based on the patent information, a screen made from a special material called shape memory polymer can repair the cracked screen by heating the screen.

No need to use a special heater, the smartphone screen will fix itself enough with the heat released by the device or the user's body heat.

Unfortunately though it sounds quite interesting, it still takes a long time until we can see the smartphone or tablet that uses this technology is on the market.

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