NASA Sees Earth Guard Officer from Alien Gad $ 187,000

The US space agency, NASA, is looking for Earth protection officers with a salary of up to $ 187,000 per year. The work was created after the signing of the 1967 Space Treaty.

The officer will make sure that humans do not contaminate the planets, moon, and other objects in outer space. They should also help prevent any foreign microbe spreading to Earth.

US government scientists are working hard to protect the public. Some study infectious diseases and effective treatments. Others ensure that medicines, food, vehicles, or consumer products are as claimed and do no harm to anyone.

But concern at NASA's headquarters is outer space, which is why the space agency is now opening vacancies for planetary shelter officers.

His job? Helps sustain the Earth from foreign contamination, and helps Earth avoid contamination of the foreign world that it tries to explore.

The pay is a salary with six figures, ranging from US $ 124,406 to US $ 187,000 a year, plus other benefits.

While many space agencies hire planet protection workers, they are often part-time jobs.

In fact, there are only two full-time jobs for that role in the world, one at NASA and the other at the European Space Agency. It was delivered by Catharine Conley, the only NASA planetary protection officer since 2014.

"This new vacancy advertisement is a result of the relocation of the position I currently hold in the Office of Safety and Certainty Mission, which is an independent technical authority within NASA," Conley told Business Insider in an email on Tuesday, August 1, 2017.

NASA's planetary protection officer from aliens occasionally has the opportunity to travel to space centers around the world and analyze planetary robots.