Netflix Caught Debt US $ 20 Million

Leveraged as one of the best-selling video streaming service providers in the world, Netflix may be proud.

Now, its subscriber count reaches 100 million. Exclusive series was no one in demand, most even pocketed a number of prestigious awards. Although practically in the wind, Netflix in fact was slumped.

Known, the company based in California, United States was re-trapped with a large debt. Unmitigated, the amount of debt the company reached US $ 20 million.

So, why Netflix should bear the burden of large debts, although now his work in the market can be spelled out a success?

According to a report published in the Los Angeles Times, Netflix is known to require huge funds for the cost of producing an exclusive series like Stranger Things and A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Debt of Rp 226 billion is apparently just a short-term debt Netflix. Its own long-term debt revolves more than $ 3 billion spent on its exclusive serial propagation content.

Not only that, the funds from the debt is also used for the needs of the company, such as content acquisition, capital expenditure, investment, strategic transactions. Funds were also used for the exclusive serial auction allocation this year for a total of US $ 6 billion.

Netflix content cultivation is said to require the greatest allocation. Because the series Stranger Things from Netflix itself claimed to successfully attract new customers.

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