New BlackBerry Water Resistant Device Without Keyboard?

TCL will expand its range of devices to consumers outside of device fans with keyboards. TCL announced it will launch a full touch screen device, without the support of a BlackBerry branded physical keyboard in October.
A number of new information related to the device is circulating, with a slightly different look than TCL DTEK 50 and 60. The details related to this device are still held tight by TCL, but Francois Mahieu is willing to share some information.
Mahieu explains TCL will appreciate the BlackBerry's reputation regarding the ability to create devices for international adventurers who still want to work in various weather conditions. The main feature of this device is the full touch screen, which is planned to be supported with IP67-certified waterproof and dust technology.

This device is also equipped with a battery that is claimed to last for more than 26 hours under different conditions of use. Mahieu also believes that his longevity and longevity are the main selling points of TCL's new device.
In addition, Mahieu also mentioned that the security of BlackBerry will enable TCL to bring the device that claimed to be the safest Android phone in the world. However, the failure of the security claims offered by Android devices is judged to make Mahieu claims inappropriately.
TCL tries to deny the judgment, citing users should not underestimate BlackBerry because it has not been a direct competitor of Apple and Samsung.

Mahieu calls TCL ready to compete, despite carrying different ways of playing with its strength in the field of battery life, security and durability. The device is also planned to be offered at a more affordable price than other flagship devices.
The device with full touch screen treat is not the first device for BlackBerry, which had previously presented Priv. However, Priv is still supported by a physical keyboard that comes with slide design, so users can hide it when it does not need the physical keyboard.