New Google Software Can Remove Watermark

Watermarks are usually installed in copyrighted images in order to make sure no one uses the photo without permission or without pay.

Usually to be able to eliminate the watermark, one must not only have the expertise in using Photoshop but also spend not a moment, in addition after the watermark is removed, the quality of the photo sometimes decreases.

Google has just found a way to wipe out the watermark without compromising image quality. This method they just showed off in the Pattern and Computer Vision Conference, as Engadget says.

To be able to detect watermarks in photos, Google takes hundreds of photos to thousands of photos with the same watermark and uses software to detect the watermark pattern.

If the image is taken quite a lot, the software will be able to recognize the watermark pattern so that the mark can be removed without compromising image quality.

Fortunately Google also explains how to counter the use of such software. Changing the watermark position on the photo will not prevent Google's software from removing the watermark on the photo.

Changing the watermark transparency level also does not give any effect. However, changing the watermark logo on a photo for each photo will make it harder for Google to remove the watermark.

Google says, in the future there will certainly be people who can find a way to get rid of watermarks even if slightly altered. But the method of changing the watermarks symbol can help the photography community keep their photos.

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