Opera Max Android Version Removed from Google Play

Opera Max
Opera announced the suspension of support for one of its most popular Android apps, Opera Max. This app was first launched in 2014, and is intended to allow users to manage and reduce data usage.

Until now not known for certain reasons behind Opera's decision to stop the Android version of the application, and remove it from Google Play. Opera is thought to want to focus on other services and stop devoting resources to Opera Max's development.

Opera revealed that this product has a much different value proportion of its browser product, and represents a different focus for Opera. Therefore, Opera chooses to focus on other browsers and services in the future.

This means that users who still install Opera Max on the device will no longer get updates on the application in the future. However, Android users can continue to take advantage of Opera Max until the developers remove the service as a whole.

Additionally, Opera Max users will receive notifications related to server-side support cessation, when the developer decides to terminate this service forever. To date, Opera Max has been downloaded 500 thousand times.

Opera's other development software, Opera VPN, also offers similar functionality, although it emphasizes different things. Termination of support to Opera Max is expected to also indicate the VPN will experience a similar fate.

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