Performance of iPhone 8 Will Race All Android?

iPhone 8
Last month, for the first time an Android smartphone managed to surpass the speed of the latest iPhone (iPhone 7 Plus).

As quoted from BGR, speed testing is done by a YouTube video sharing service vlogger.

This is considered quite surprising, because during this iPhone is almost always a smartphone that has the fastest performance, at least until testing is done by the vlogger.

Latest, iPhone 7 Plus against OnePlus 5. iPhone 7 Plus won the test with its 8GB RAM.

Possibly, the company based in Cupertino was not so concerned about the iPhone's defeat in the speed test performed. However, Apple definitely insisted to improve the fast performance of iPhone 8 which will be released this year.

This is not surprising, because Apple is always present a device that performs faster than its predecessor.

BGR even mentioned, usually every test done by comparing the speed of iPhone and Android smartphone will be instantly caught the result, which is the fastest iPhone device.

So far, a leak suggests that the latest generation processor that will be used on the iPhone 8 displays amazingly fast performance.