Razer Announces Advanced Controller 'Wolverine Ultimate'

Wolverine Ultimate
Razer has just announced a new controller for PC and Xbox One. Named Razer Wolverine Ultimate, the controller is said to be designed to adapt to different types of gamers and has a modular design.

In its official statement, Razer describes the D-Pads or analog controls on Wolverine Ultimate can be removed easily and replaced with different surface types, making it usable by all gamers.

Not only that Wolverine Ultimate is one of the controller with the most number of buttons on the market. It is claimed to come up with 6 trigger buttons and special keys that can be programmed in accordance with the wishes of its users.

In addition, this controller also appears to have a special mechanism so that users can set the comfort of its use.

Razer even equip Wolverine Ultimate with RGB LEDs that connect directly with Razer Synapse.

RGB LEDs on this controller can even be adjusted to the RGB LED display that is in other PC devices. Of course you can choose what kind of effect RGB LED display on this controller.

For performance Razer claims Wolverine Ultimate has been designed specifically for the competition. It is also said to have a high response and automatic hair trigger mode to facilitate its users when playing games. 

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