Samsung Announces New Smartwatch Next Week

Samsung new Gear smartwatch
Samsung will announce a new wearable device, successor Gear S3, next week, at the IFA event to be held in Berlin. This was conveyed by President of Samsung Mobile Division, DJ Koh.

Gear S3 gets a warm welcome when launched. Therefore, many people are curious about the new wearable that Samsung will release this year.

The device launched next week will be Samsung's first wearable release, given this year, Samsung has yet to launch any wearable.

Next week Samsung will likely release Geaar S4. However, there is a possibility Samsung will launch a completely new device.

Earlier this month Samsung Smart Lab made a survey explaining the concept products that will combine the best features of Gear S3 and Gear Fit 2.

Mentioned this product will have a smaller body of Gear S3 and equipped with existing features on smartwatch and fitness tracker. A few days later, a device called Samsung Gear Sport appeared on the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) list.

Allegedly Gear Sport is a device that discussed SmartLab in the survey. Interestingly, in the FCC document, the device was not categorized as a Sport Gear.

It is certainly possible that Samsung will launch the Gear Sport along with the launch of its new smartwatch, Gear S4, and its new fitness tracker, Gear Fit 2 Pro, which is rumored to be equipped with waterproof features so it can take a swim.