Samsung Bixby Voice Calls 200 Countries

Samsung Bixby Voice
After its first debut on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus last March, Samsung's smart assistant, Bixby Voice is reported to have visited more than 200 countries.

The countries in question include Britain, Canada, Australia and South Africa. As is known, after the release, the new Bixby Voice can be used in South Korea and the United States.

Bixby Voice is developed as Samsung's smart interface that helps users quickly and easily commands to their devices via voice commands.

Unfortunately when some researchers tested the ability of Bixby some time ago, the virtual assistant was rather difficult to implement a number of basic commands.

So it seems easier to rule the device by touching the screen.

Just to be known, so far Bixby can recognize English and Korean.

Nevertheless, Samsung claims, smart assistant-based voice that continues to learn and improve its function to recognize the user's speech.

"The expansion of Bixby's voice recognition capability is a first step for Bixby's capabilities and functionality," Samsung Electronics Executive Vice President Injong Rhee said in an official statement.

He also said in the future, Bixby will continue to learn to be smarter and make the interaction run more personal and smoother connections to more devices.

Samsung also mentioned, Bixby will be available in more countries, languages, devices, and third-party apps once.

So far Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus users can access Bixby by pressing the Bixby button on their smartphone. They can also call Bixby as "Hi, Bixby".

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