Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Can Be Ordered Starting September 1st

Galaxy Note 8
Samsung began distributing the road map of its latest smartphone sales, the Galaxy Note 8, to mobile operators. Samsung also announced this smartphone will be available in retailers and mobile operators in the week following its launch on August 23rd.

GSM Arena reports, the pre-order program period will begin on September 1 to September 10, and the official launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is scheduled to be held on September 15th.

The ten-day order program is faster than the pre-order time of Samsung Galaxy S8 in April. Samsung predicts a good reception from the public against this new device.

In addition, Samsung also predicts a large pre-order Galaxy Note 8 due to the absence of the device on this line for the last two years. The Samsung representative confirmed that his company is ready, so there will be no delay regarding the sale of this phone.

Sources from South Korea others mention that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be equipped with Touch 3D technology that can be accessed across the screen. Currently the technology is available on the Samsung Galaxy S8, but is limited to a small section of the screen, the general location of the Home button is pinned.

In the meantime, Samsung announced a deeper integration of Bixby with the professional LinkedIn networking app. The integration is available on Samsung's two flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 +. 

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