Samsung Starts OLED Production for iPhone 8 with Full Capacity

The supply chain of Apple yesterday reported that Samsung Display is preparing to operate seven next generation OLED production lines with full capacity in August, all of which are intended for Apple iPhone 8.
Samsung Display is the only OLED display supplier for iPhone 2017, and the manufacturer says it has increased from 15,000 panels per month to 105,000 panels per month following full-scale production upgrades.

If Samsung Display makes its production line at maximum capacity with 100 percent yield, the supplier can produce 130 million OLED iPhone display 8 5.8 inches in one year.

Of course, the reality is that OLEDs are hard to produce, and industry observers believe that the output levels for the OLED iPhone line from Samsung Display will be at least 60 percent.
Several reports this year have pointed to production delays in the supply chain, potentially leading to the launch of iPhone 8 with limited capacity.
While Samsung Display will be the sole OLED supplier for the iPhone 8, some sources say that OLED's new supplier LG Display will enter Apple's supply chain by 2018.