Sentenced to 5 Years of Lee Jae-yong's Prison Samsung Appeal

Lee Jae-yong
The South Korean court handed down a 5-year jail sentence against Samsung's heir, Jay Y. Lee. Samsung's founding grandson was officially appealed and there is a possibility of being released.

Lee was found guilty of bribing former South Korean President Park Geun Hye to smooth Samsung's business. But throughout the trial, Lee denied all charges.

"I've never asked anything for anyone, including the president, for personal or corporate reasons, I'm so sorry that I'm so disappointing and I'm sorry," Lee said in a recent defense statement in a shaky voice.

Under South Korean law, Lee can remain in maximum hold for 4 months when a higher court will take care of his appeal. So the conclusion of whether Lee's appeal is accepted or not is announced no later than January 2018.

Samsung said Lee remained a member of the Board of Directors until there was a final court decision. Lee is Samsung's future big boss in the future as the son of Lee Kun hee and granddaughter Lee Byung Chul. Lee Byung Chul is the founder of Samsung while Lee Kun hee plays a major role in delivering Samsung in its glory.

There are several arguments that Lee's lawyer might have appealed to. For example, Lee did not give money to the president at all, but rather to a company owned by a presidential person.

"Samsung seems to be arguing that Lee is innocent because Samsung's support for Choi's company is not the same as bribing the president directly," said one of the lawyers, Byun Hwan bong.

Then Lee may be forced to hand over the money because there is a request from the president as the highest leader. If an appeal is accepted with the argument it could be Lee's punishment cut or even released.

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