Snapchat Introduces the Pikachu Special Filter

Snapchat introduces a new lens capable of transforming the user into an anime character of the community's favorite monster, Pikachu. After hot dog dancing, Snap works with Pokemon Company to bring Pikachu filters to its users.

But according to Phone Arena, this new filter is available in Snapchat apps for a limited time. Therefore, Snapchat encourages users to immediately take advantage of the iconic filter lenses before the company stops its availability.

By utilizing the filter, the user's face will be decorated with Pikachu's distinctive ear in the upper head, as well as a reddish nose and cheeks that will appear when the application detects a smile on the user's face.

In addition, opening your mouth while using this filter will show Pikachu on the device screen and join the content. Users will also be pampered with Pikachu's iconic sound when this yellow monster jumps onto the screen and poses.

Meanwhile, Snap Inc. reported its second quarterly financial report as a public company. The report not only shows an increase in the number of users and revenues, but also on the amount of losses.

Interestingly, Facebook has been able to predict and know the adoption rate of Snapchat before Snap Inc. announces its second quarterly report, thanks to the use of application usage data from Onavo Protect.

Through the app, Facebook can see comprehensive information about the frequency and duration of application usage to determine that the adoption of Snapchat has declined after Facebook features Instagram Stories, based on the Snapchat feature.

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