SpaceX Successfully Launches Taiwan-Made Satellite

SpaceX Satellite
SpaceX, a private space company made by Elon Musk, successfully launched the first satellite made in Taiwan. These satellites are flown in for weather forecasts, mapping, environmental observation, and space research.

This satellite is named FORMOSAT-5. It weighs almost 450 kilograms. "Launched using a Falcon 9 rocket," SpaceX scientist Lauren Lyons said at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., On Thursday, August 24, 2017. After 10 minutes of launch, the SpaceX team confirmed that FORMOSAT-5 has entered orbit.

The FORMOSAT-5 satellite is designed to operate for five years. This satellite will orbit the earth every 100 minutes.

Last year FORMOSAT-2, the FORMOSAT-5 predecessor, was retired after five years of operation. In that time span FORMOSAT-2 successfully charted major natural disasters in various regions of Asia and Africa.

And most interesting is SpaceX managed to make Falcon 9 rocket back to earth. "This successful 15th Falcon 9 landing," Lyons said.

The cameras mounted on the rocket showed the rocket landed upright on a drone ship called Just Read the Instructions. SpaceX plans to transport the rocket back and update it so it can be used for the next launch.

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