Toyota, Intel and Automotive Companies Form Big Data Consortium

A number of technology and automotive companies, including Intel and Toyota, formed a big data consortium. This cooperation is to create a big data ecosystem that is used to connect cars or cars that are always connected to the internet network.

In addition to Intel and Toyota, other companies that join are Ericsson, Denso and NTT DocoMo. The consortium is named Automotive Edge Computing Consortium.

Quoted by Reuters, Toyota explained that the consortium aims to use data or information to support the development of services such as intelligent driving, to create maps with real-time data and driving assistance based on cloud computing.

The data also comes from a connected car or smart car. This is because smart cars have many new capabilities that use and produce large amounts of information.

Data from vehicles and clouds are predicted to reach 10 exabytes each month by 2025. "The amount is 10 thousand times greater than the current one," explained Toyota.

The technology and automotive companies are increasingly aggressive with the development of smart cars. Toyota and rival, Mazda Motor, for example, will establish cooperation to produce electric cars and connected cars.

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