Trump Cybersecurity Advisor Resigns For Less Attention to Cyber

Donald Trump
The Trump panel tasked with advising the Homeland Security Department on cyber security and infrastructure protection, 28 of its members resigned en masse Monday, citing the inadequate attention by President Donald Trump on cyber vulnerability in the country.

They also cite his failure to condemn intolerance and hate group violence when asked about horrendous violence in Charlottesville as one of the reasons why they left. The resignation came Monday and has been recognized by the White House on Tuesday. Nextgov has recently issued resignation letters filed by board members departing.

The resignation letter, obtained by Nextgov, also cited Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement and to lift the building standards associated with the risk of flooding. 

Instead they say, the president chooses to offer fake equality and asks CEO reasons when they make the decision to leave their respective advisory panels after the incident.

In the meantime, he has set up better security for government networks. Trump has expressed little understanding or seriousness in terms of wider issues surrounding, in his words. The former board member of the infrastructure specifically concerned about Trump's administration efforts to ensure the digital security of the electoral system.

Absolutely, eight of the 28 NIAC member names have been removed from official members' web pages this week. In a notice issued after a mass disturbance, the NIAC released a report saying that dramatic measures are needed to avoid a possible 11/11 cyberattack.

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